An Announcement from Kevin Glancy and Jonathan Fawcett


Today we wanted to share some personal and company news with you. After a combined 55 years at the forefront of this extraordinary industry, Kevin Glancy Ltd and Jonathan Fawcett Ltd have united as one - forming GlancyFawcett Ltd. 

This decision was made with our customers in mind, to ensure our outputs are as streamlined and easy for you as can be. We hope you will agree and see the benefits of our united front in the future. We would like to reiterate that business will continue as usual, the only significant change going forward is that we will be trading as GlancyFawcett Ltd, so please expect correspondence, quotes and invoices from us in the future under this name.

As a company we have also decided to restructure and personally take on new roles that we are passionate about and focus on our individual strengths; Commercial Director (Jonathan Fawcett) and Business Development Director (Kevin Glancy). While moving into our new roles, we will continue to nurture our staff, support the whole team, and ensure the company continues to grow. 

Our ethos as sister companies was always that this is a relationship business, and it’s incredible to see that 30 years on, our closest clients are also our oldest friends, a circle that continues to grow each year. Now we see our companies combine as we move into our next life stage.

We couldn’t be more excited for the future of GlancyFawcett and we would like to thank you for your custom.

Visit the new website: